What Are Your Options For Getting A DivorceWhat Are Your Options For Getting A Divorce?

It is not easy to make the decision to get a divorce. But once you have made this tough decision you will need assistance in getting your divorce settled. The needs of your children will need taking into account and you will want to be sure that everything honest and fair.

We want to ensure that you have all of the information that you need to make the right decision over your divorce. It is essential that you go down the right path with your divorce settlement as it will be difficult enough for you to cope with the emotions of a divorce.

There is an alternative to Divorce Lawyers

A lot of divorcing spouses will believe that the only choice that they have for a divorce settlement is litigation and the hiring of divorce lawyers. This is not the case and we advise you not to just search for “divorce attorney Irvine CA”. The reason for this is that there is a good alternative and that is divorce mediation.

When you go for divorce mediation you will only require one mediator. If you decide on litigation then both spouses will need a divorce lawyer each. This will cost you a lot more money right from the outset.

Litigated divorces tend to be a lot more expensive than mediated divorces. Also with a litigation case there is a lot of pain to be endured by both spouses because it is a fight. The large bill at the end of your divorce compounds this pain.

In some cases divorcing couples have had to sell their family homes to pay their litigation bills. A lot of divorce cases end up in court because divorce lawyers cannot reach agreement. This delays things considerably and will increase the cost again.

Mediators will have your best interests at heart but will Divorce Lawyers?

Mixed views exist on this. Some people will tell you that divorce lawyers always have their clients interests at heart. The reverse view is that all divorce lawyers will do everything that they can to prolong a divorce case so that they can rack up the costs.

When children are involved in a divorce it is imperative that their needs are the most important. Divorce lawyers do everything that they can for their clients which are the mom and dad. They may not mean to relegate the children’s needs but this can happen.

So why should you consider a Divorce Mediator?

There are many benefits to using divorce mediators. They achieve a divorce settlement by sitting down with both parties and facilitating discussion around the issues of the divorce. It is their job to encourage both parties to use empathy and try to reach an agreement that is good for everyone.

A mediator will certainly be concerned about the welfare of your children. They will have a lot of knowledge and experience in the areas of child custody, child support and more. They will draft a parenting plan that both parties will have been involved in.

Your mediator will have a lot of financial experience. They will have handled the dividing of assets before and will use this experience to ensure that they guide you towards a fair asset division. They can also handle debt problems as well as tax issues.

When you use a divorce mediator you will have a neutral negotiator who is not just siding with one spouse. Even if communications with your spouse are at an all time low, a good mediator will get you talking again.

Once the agreements around the divorce settlement have been finalized then your divorce mediator will draw up all of the necessary documents. The courts then have to approve these documents. The mediation process is normally much faster than the divorce litigation process.

The other major advantage of divorce mediation is that it usually costs a lot less. You only need one divorce mediator as opposed to two divorce lawyers. It takes less time and a mediator will never rack up charges.

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