Divorce Lawyers Near Me

Divorce-Attorney-Near-Me-westwood caIt is natural for divorcing spouses to look for “divorce lawyers near me” online but you need to know that there is another good choice that you can make. That choice is to use a divorce mediator to settle your divorce.

You will find that the best divorce mediators have all of the professional training and knowhow to get both spouses together and discuss everything in a friendly way so that you can both achieve the best divorce agreement.

At the end of the day it is your choice of course. There is nothing to stop you from trying to find divorce lawyers near me, but when you have read this you may decide to try the services of a divorce mediator to save you both time and money.

When you should use Divorce Lawyers

There will be some situations where a divorcing couple will be better off hiring divorce lawyers. Divorce mediation requires that both spouses are willing and able to take part in discussions and try to find win-win settlement solutions.

Spouses are unwilling to discuss and agree

If one or both parties are unwilling to sit down and discuss their divorce issues with their spouse and a mediator then lawyers are the only option. To get the best from divorce mediation both spouses need to put the needs of their children first and show empathy towards each other.

Health issues

There could even be a health problem that would stop one of the spouses working with a divorce mediator. If the spouse was an addict then divorce mediation is unlikely to work. If one spouse has a mental condition or is suffering from a disease such as Alzheimer’s then mediation is not the answer either.

Problems with safety

There are some divorce cases where domestic violence is prevalent. If one spouse has suffered regular domestic violence episodes from the other then divorce mediation will probably not work well. The victim of the violence will not feel safe and secure and this will seriously impact their ability to discuss and negotiate.

If there are safety concerns then this is very serious. Keeping the spouses apart is likely to be the best option, so the appointment of divorce lawyers near me is the best decision. The spouse that is the victim will feel intimidated during a divorce mediation session.

One or both parties refuse to mediate

If one or both of the spouses flatly refuses to mediate then there is little choice other than to look for divorce lawyers near me. Divorce mediation is a voluntary process that the divorcing couple enters into of their own free will. They want to mediate and that is vital to the overall success of the process.

There are trust issues over hidden assets

If one of the spouses in a divorce strongly believes that the other is hiding assets then the mediation process is not likely to work. Divorce mediation is all about transparency and honesty and if there are issues over hidden assets then hire divorce lawyers.

Why you should use Divorce Mediators

Divorce mediators are a good choice for a lot of divorce cases. When you appoint a divorce mediator one of their primary concerns will be the welfare of your kids. Divorce is very tough on children and often divorce lawyers will not take this fully into consideration.

To ensure that children come first, the mediator will encourage the two spouses to look at their divorce as parents. They will want to fully discuss issues such as the custody of the children and the need for child support payments.

Divorce Mediation is cheaper

You only need one divorce mediator and you will need two divorce lawyers. The divorce mediation process is a lot faster and will not go to court. Your divorce will cost a fraction of what divorce lawyers will charge if you go down the mediation road.

Your Divorce Settlement will be Win-Win

As both you and your spouse will be contributing to your divorce settlement you have a much higher chance of your final divorce agreement being satisfactory for both of you. When you hire divorce lawyers things can quickly get out of control and you can end up with a divorce settlement that neither of you are happy with.

You are in Control

When you hire divorce lawyers you will be effectively relinquishing control of your divorce. Lawyers will fight for their clients to get the best for them personally. With divorce mediation you will always be in control.

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