Why Mediation is the Right Solution for Financially Complex Divorce

A common stereotype is that when divorce is high net worth, both partners immediately get on the phone to their attorneys and prepare for a fight. Mediation is often seen as a softer alternative that is appropriate for managing parenting issues or steering an amicable divorce into the future.

In reality, this could not be further from the truth. Mediation, unlike going to court, is a service that can be tailored to couples’ specific needs. A judge may not have specific expertise regarding the couple’s assets and individual situation, but in the end a judge will have the last word. In mediation, a divorcing couple works with a neutral third party, the mediator. This gives them the freedom to choose a professional with expertise to match their unique situation. At Santa Clara Mediators, we specialize in crafting agreements between couples who may be struggling with complex financial issues in working out their divorce. Couples who may be expats or own growing businesses either together or separately may be dealing with complex situations calling for expert financial analysis. Some issues can include: bonuses and stock options, international properties, independent wealth or business interests that date to before the marriage, intellectual property, family trusts, debt or student debt, and factoring in speculative income from business or investments when calculating spousal support.

How We Can Help

At Santa Clara Mediators, we provide detailed pre-divorce financial analysis. As California is a community property state (meaning marital property must be divided equally), it can be difficult for independent dual-earning partners who may have prior investments or business projects to determine what falls under the banner of community property. We can help delineate community property from separate property. We also offer the only mediated business valuation of any mediation firm in California. We perform extensive analysis of assets, liquidity, cash flow, and equalization options, which includes child support and spousal support.

Other Issues You May Be Facing

Some of the other issues divorcing couples may be facing include child support, the impact of taxes and the impact of recent changes in income. Mediation is a non-adversarial process where you can be assured of confidentiality in working out your divorce settlement or in sifting through complex issues before bringing them before a judge. When there are issues of disparity in income, the need to consider children’s privacy, especially with high profile celebrity couples or highly visible couples in any industry, mediation can tie up loose ends before any public decisions are made.

A Different Approach

Our highly experienced Senior Mediators approach your problems with analytical tools designed to resolve your complex financial issues. We use fair division mathematics, accounting and creative problem-solving to provide a thorough analysis and preparation of the most effective, fair and sustainable solutions for your divorce. We are developing a mathematical algorithm that combines fair division, game theory and psychoanalysis to get to the source of your preferences and needs. Please get in touch to see how our unique approach can help you to navigate your complex divorce fairly and equably.

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