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west la-Family-LawyersA couple that have decided to divorce need to get everything settled. Most couples will consider appointing West La family lawyers to take care of everything for them. But there is another alternative that has several benefits over using family lawyers. This is using a divorce mediator.

When you use a Divorce Mediator you will preserve your Relationship

A lot of divorcing spouses will not have the best of relationships. Hiring West La family lawyers is likely to worsen this situation. With family lawyers you will be fighting each other to gain ground. This is not the case with divorce mediation as it will help you to preserve your relationship. This is good for your children as it will reduce the stress between the two of you.

Using litigation to settle your divorce will mean that the decision making will be out of your hands. The family lawyers and possibly the courts will make the important decisions. The final outcome may not satisfy you or your spouse. In divorce mediation you make all of the decisions and you can be certain that your children have high priority.

Divorce Mediation is not as expensive as Litigation

A typical divorce mediation to settle a divorce will cost in the region of $5,000. If you hire West La family lawyers then the cost will be at least three times this amount if there are no problems. If there are problems and the case goes to court then you could be paying up to $200,000.

If any problems arise during divorce mediation then they can be resolved quickly. This is not the case with West La family lawyers as cases have to be presented by one lawyer to another which takes a lot more time. Time is money and the costs keep going up. If your case ends up in the courts then the costs will really spiral.

With a Mediator you control your Divorce

An experienced divorce mediator will facilitate discussion between the two parties of the divorce and empower them so that they reach an amicable agreement over every issue. This is not the case with West La family lawyers.

The spouses are in total control with the timing of the divorce proceedings with divorce mediation. This means that your divorce is likely to proceed much faster as you are in control of the schedule. There is no waiting for family lawyers or the courts to make important decisions.

Divorce Mediation is an efficient process

If a divorce issue needs a solution then working together with a divorce mediator to find one is more effective than having two family lawyers battle it out. You are never under time pressure with divorce mediation and the mediator will assist both spouses to find a way forward.

If you are unsure about a divorce issue decision then you can test this to see if it works when you use mediation. If the solution is not working then your mediator will get you together and help you to find another answer. Litigated decisions are very tough to change.

Divorce Mediation gives you more choices

When you employ West La family lawyers you will have decisions forced upon you rather than having the choice through your own decision making with the help of a divorce mediator. With mediation both of the spouses have to agree before they can move on. If one spouse doesn’t agree then more discussion takes place.

This choice does not exist with litigation. The West La family lawyers and the courts will just impose decisions on you whether you agree with them or not. The chances of both parties being happy with the settlement are very slim.

Confidentially is assured with Divorce Mediation

Whatever is said during a divorce mediation session stays in the mediator’s office. Your confidentiality and privacy are totally guaranteed. If you choose litigation and your case goes to court then public records will reveal full details of your divorce to anyone who wants to look at them.

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