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If you have decided to get a divorce then you will probably want to start looking for a “family lawyer near me” using your favorite search engine. People look for family lawyers because they believe that they are the only option that will ensure that their children will come first during the divorce.

It is certainly true that a family lawyer can advise on all matters related to families and this will include separations and divorces. But there is another way that you can settle your divorce and your children prioritized, and that is through the use of divorce mediation services.

Why should you consider Divorce Mediation?

One of the major reasons for considering divorce mediation is the cost. Hiring family lawyers can be a very expensive business and you will need two of them. When you hire a divorce mediator you only need one so you will save money here for a start.

Divorce or family mediation involves the use of a neutral mediator who has the right training and has a lot of experience with divorce cases. Your mediator is a facilitator and their job is to encourage discussion between the spouses so that you end up with the most amicable divorce settlement.

Your family mediator will be an expert on child support and maintenance, child custody, visitation rights and all other issues related to children. They will use this expertise to ensure that the children are top of the agenda and that the spouses both think as parents.

Win-Win is more likely with Divorce Mediation

If you leave your divorce in the hands of family lawyers then the chances of you ending up with a divorce settlement that both spouses are happy with are fairly slim. This is because lawyers will do everything that they can to get the best for their client.

Often children are not priority even with family lawyers. They will fight for their clients which are the parents at all costs. With divorce mediation the entire family unit is important and mediators will do their utmost to ensure that the final divorce settlement is a win-win for all.

You can use a Divorce Mediator prior to a divorce

A family mediator can help you and your spouse resolve a whole host of issues prior to a decision to divorce. If a divorce is the decision then a family mediator will take all family issues into account and they will create a marital service agreement which will bind both spouses.

Sometimes a Family Lawyer is the only answer

In most family disputes a family mediator will be able to assist the couple to an amicable resolution. But this is not always the case. If there have been domestic violence issues then it is best to use family lawyers. If for some reason one spouse has the balance of power over the other then lawyers are also the right choice.

Can you really Trust a Family Mediator?

Yes you can. They have gone through years of professional training and have a great deal of experience with the resolution of family disputes. They are highly trained facilitators who will encourage both parties to a dispute to speak out, so that they can arrive at the best solution.

A good family mediator will have experience in the discussion and handling of child custody issues, child visitation and child support. They will actively encourage both parties to talk about family issues openly and find the best resolution to their problems.

The Mediation Settlement Agreement is Binding

The process of family mediation is not binding in itself but the mediator will draw up a settlement agreement and pass them on to the courts. Once the courts have sanctioned these agreements they become binding on the spouses involved.

Family mediators have a lot of advantages over family lawyers. So if you have a family dispute or have decided on a divorce then change your search from “family lawyer near me” to “divorce mediation near me” and save time and money with the mediation process.

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