The Benefits Of Using Mediation For Divorce Santa Monica

A lot of divorcing couples are unaware that mediation for divorce even exists. Others are not convinced that it can work for them. If this describes you then it is very important that you read and understand this article. We will present the 5 major benefits of divorce mediation in order to convince you that it is the best option to try first.

  1. First Priority for your Children

If you have children then they will be suffering greatly over your divorce. They will be unsure about the way things will be in the future, and they will be concerned about how often they will see their mom and dad. They will even worry about where they will be living. When you hire lawyers you can never guarantee that your children will be at the top of the agenda.

This gets even worse should your divorce case end up at the mercy of the courts. Your lawyer may decide that your children need to take the stand. Can you handle the cross questioning of your poor children? Of course not, and when you choose divorce mediation your children are the first priority.

Your experienced and knowledgeable divorce mediator will assess every issue in your divorce to see what impact it will have on your children. The mediator will encourage you to think like parents and not litigants. You will still be the parents of your children after the divorce so this is very important.

  1. You will not be at War with your Spouse

Many people believe that they have to go to war with their spouse to get what they want from a divorce. Divorce lawyers will often follow this viewpoint too by ensuring that your best interests are top of their list. With divorce mediation an outcome that both parties are happy with and have contributed to is the objective.

A win-win for both parties and the children involved is what your divorce mediator wants. The mediator will remain neutral at all times and will never side with one spouse. Their role is that of a facilitator who encourages discussion so that agreements that are acceptable to all result.

Divorce mediation is peaceful and there is no raising of voices or one side trying to bully the other. At the beginning the mediator will tell both spouses that they need to suppress their feelings of hurt and look toward the future.

  1. Divorce is Quicker with Mediation

When you hire divorce lawyers then you will need to wait for them to negotiate and attempt to agree the divorce issues. This can take a very long time. If a court case is necessary then the time will be even longer. It is not uncommon for divorce settlements that involve the courts to take two or three years.

Compare this with divorce mediation where the average time for a settlement is about 60 to 90 days. When you hire a divorce mediator you are in control of your divorce and in general it will happen a lot faster. There is no waiting for external parties involved.

  1. It is less expensive to use Divorce Mediation

The vast majority of divorce settlements achieved through divorce mediation services are significantly less expensive than using divorce lawyers. Even if everything is friendly you will be looking at paying $27,000 to $32,000 with divorce lawyers according to a 2013 Wall Street Journal study. If things go wrong think $80,000 to $200,000.

Divorce mediation is a lot more cost effective as there are no backwards and forwards communications between two lawyers. The average cost of a divorce through mediation is $5,000 to $8,000.

  1. Practical Agreements are more likely with Divorce Mediation

When you use divorce mediation both parties will have contributed to the final agreement and therefore they are much more likely to abide by the terms. When you go the legal route it is unlikely that the agreement will satisfy everyone (if any party).

You want a practical solution for your divorce that you and your spouse can work with. Divorce mediation is much more likely to provide this. Everything will be clear in the agreement which will make it easier to follow.

There is no doubt that divorce mediation works for those couples seeking a divorce or a separation. Divorce mediation in Orange County will enable you to finalize your divorce a lot faster and save you a lot of money as well. Always try divorce mediation first prior to engaging expensive divorce lawyers.

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