Bel Air Divorce Lawyer Or Divorce Mediation

Bell Air-Family-LawyersThe divorce mediation process provides many benefits to divorcing couples but this may not be widely known among those looking to divorce. What a lot of people will do is to open up their favorite search engine and start looking for a “divorce attorney Bel Air CA”.

Why should you even consider Divorce Mediation?

The role of an experienced divorce mediator is to facilitate discussion between the divorcing couple so that they can agree the solutions to their divorce issues themselves. A mediator is entirely neutral and will never take sides. They are experts in divorce and will provide assistance every step of the way.

The process of divorce mediation is going to be roughly the same wherever you are located. Yes the divorce mediators will all have a slightly different approach but the facilitation of discussions and arriving at a settlement are the aims of all mediators. At the beginning the mediator will talk to both spouses to find out why the marriage has come to an end.

A competent divorce mediator will gather all of the information that they can about the spouses and the marriage issues prior to a divorce mediation session taking place. Once the information gathering is complete the divorce mediator will bring the two spouses together and start the proceedings.

What happens at the first Divorce Mediation session?

Your mediator gives a full briefing of what to expect from the mediation sessions at the start. Unless you insist on separate sessions, the mediation sessions will include both parties to the divorce. If a separate session does take place then this does not infer that the mediator is taking sides.

Guaranteed confidentiality when you hire a divorce mediator will mean that you will need to sign an agreement to ensure that all discussions remain “in house”. This is great news for both of you as you will not want third parties knowing the details of your divorce discussions.

Once the session has started your divorce mediator will look to build rapport between the divorcing couple. Mediators receive training to do this and it is necessary for the sessions to be productive. The mediator will encourage both spouses to speak out about how they see the marriage.

It is likely that a divorce mediator will ask several questions during a session. This is because they want to be totally clear about everything. One or both of the spouses may need to provide more details. It is the divorce mediator’s job to make certain that both spouses are clear on everything too.

The chances of the two spouses agreeing on everything the first time around are highly unlikely. Your divorce mediator has to know which issues there is no agreement on so that you can move forward. Your mediator will then do everything that they can to discuss other options and obtain agreements.

Is a Bel Air Divorce Lawyer better or a Divorce Mediator?

The truth is that divorce mediators offer a lot of advantages over hiring Bel Air divorce lawyers. When you use a divorce mediator you are only hiring one individual. If you go for litigation then you will need two  divorce lawyers. This will put the cost of your divorce up immediately.

On the subject of cost, a divorce that has gone through the mediation process will be in the average price range of $5,000 – $8,000. If you choose to hire lawyers and go for litigation then the least you will pay is $15,000 and your divorce could cost you $200,000 if things do not go to plan.

When you use a divorce mediator they will create a settlement document that contains everything agreed. It is usually a straight forward process unlike litigation. With litigation divorce lawyers do battle and getting agreements can be really complicated and difficult.

We have already mentioned that divorce mediation is confidential and private. There will never be any sharing of your divorce details. With litigation there are files that become public records. In this situation anyone can see the details of your divorce.

It usually takes a lot longer for a divorce settlement with litigation than it does with divorce mediation. Your divorce settlement using a mediator takes around 90 days (assuming not too many complexities) whereas litigation will be a lot longer usually between 18 months and 3 years.

You have control over the decisions about your divorce when you use mediation. This means that all parties (including children) are more likely to be happy with the outcome. Litigation does not work in the same way and many times all parties to a divorce have been dissatisfied with the final settlement.

Live in Bel Air CA? If you have decided to divorce then try a divorce mediation service prior to engaging expensive lawyers. You will probably be both a lot happier with the settlement and it will be faster and less expensive than litigation.

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