Do You Really Need A Westchester Divorce Attorney?

You have decided to get a divorce. You live in Westchester and you need to take the next step. Is the best move to search for an Westchester divorce attorney? Not necessarily as there a many advantages to hiring a divorce mediator instead.

We want to tell you about the benefits of hiring an Westchester divorce mediator. We want you to have all of the facts at your disposal so that you can make the best decision about your divorce settlement.

Divorce Mediators put Children first

If you go down the litigation route then you cannot be sure that your children will always be the priority. Children really suffer during a divorce and their needs have to be at the top of the list. Kids want to see both of their parents after a divorce and with litigation this does not always happen. With divorce mediation your children always come first.

Divorce Litigation is a lot more Expensive

Deciding on litigation for your divorce will mean that both spouses will require Westchester divorce attorneys. Compare that to only needing one divorce mediator and you can see cost savings right away.

Divorce attorneys will charge you for their time and will fight for you as an individual. This often means that divorce cases end up in the courts and if this happens to you then the costs will go way up. In most cases divorce mediation costs a fraction of divorce litigation.

Your Divorce will be Faster with Mediation

There is a lot of previous evidence to suggest that using Westchester divorce attorneys will take longer than divorce mediation will. Quite often divorce attorneys are unable to reach an agreement which means that your divorce heads for the courts. It will take a very long time for your divorce settlement if this happens.

What is involved with Divorce Mediation?

You will be appointed a neutral mediator who has undergone full training and has experience of divorce cases. The job of the mediator is to facilitate discussion between you and your spouse and encourage both parties to reach agreement about all of the issues of your divorce.

A competent mediator will have a wealth of experience when it comes to divorce and they will help both spouses identify the problems that require discussion. Mediators are good listeners and will take all aspects of the discussions between the parties into account.

What will a Divorce Mediator discuss?

The answer is anything that is relevant to your divorce case. If you have kids then the mediator will want to create a parenting plan that details the responsibilities of the parents. Child support and other child issues will certainly be discussed.

Most divorcing couples will own at least one property and other items of value. The right and fair division of assets is very important and a divorce mediator is trained to do this. There may be debts to tackle as well and the mediator will assist with this.

If there is a discussion about alimony (often known as spousal support) then the mediator will use their knowledge and experience to discuss this with both spouses. If spousal support payments are agreed then the mediator will assist with the payment amounts and how long these need to be paid.

Both Spouses are likely to be happy with the Divorce outcome

When you use a divorce mediator they will steer your discussions over issues into decisions that will make up a marital service agreement. This agreement will require the sanction of the court and then it becomes binding.

Because both spouses have been involved in the discussions and been encouraged to use empathy with their spouse the divorce settlement is a lot more likely to be a win-win for them both. This is not always possible when Westchester divorce attorneys are involved.

Divorce Mediation will Benefit almost any Couple

Even if you find it difficult to talk to your spouse a good divorce mediator will help you to talk and make agreements about your divorce settlement. You will definitely benefit from cost savings and it is very likely that a mediated divorce will be a lot faster than a litigated one.

So if you are divorcing don’t just look for Westchester divorce attorneys. Consider the benefits that divorce mediation can bring you.

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