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There Is An Alternative To A Divorce Attorney Near Me

Once couples have made the decision to divorce the natural thing to assume is that they will each hire a divorce attorney. But you may not be aware that there is a very good alternative to just going out and looking for a divorce attorney near me.

A divorce mediator can help both spouses to settle their divorce for less than divorce attorneys will charge. To use a mediator, both parties to the divorce will need to be willing to sit down together with the mediator and discuss all aspects of the divorce and find the best way forward.

How does Divorce Mediation work?

A divorce mediator is a neutral party to the divorce proceedings. A mediator will sit down with the two spouses and use their skills to achieve the outcome of the divorce. The spouses and not the mediator will make the decisions. The mediator is there to facilitate the discussions and steer things back on track if they go in another direction.

When you chooses a mediator you will be making a commitment to settle your divorce amicably. Divorce mediators have a lot of experience of the divorce process and will know that there are several different aspects that require discussion and agreement.

A mediator will put the children of the divorce at the top of the list. They will make sure that they are well looked after and encourage the divorcing couple to put them at the top of their agenda too. Issues such as custody and child support require discussion and the mediator will encourage an amicable agreement in these areas.

Your divorce mediator will also be an expert in finances and the division of marital assets. One of their tasks will be to identify all assets of the marriage and ensure that there are no hidden assets. There can be implications with tax and other financial areas that the mediator will have experience with.

It is all about agreeing the best way forward for the children and the spouses. The mediator’s job will be more difficult if the two spouses argue about everything but they will have the skills to deal with this. They will talk to both parties (together and individually) and call for empathy in the discussions so that an they can reach an agreement.

With Divorce Mediation you have Flexibility and Total Confidentiality

An experienced mediator will get both spouses talking to each other again even if they were not before. When you use a divorce mediation service you are in control and all agreements will have your input. This is not the case if you just go and find two divorce attorneys near me.

When you hire divorce attorneys it is one side against the other. Each attorney will be trying to get the best deal that they can for their client and quite often the children are a secondary requirement. When you go legal it is quite possible that the final divorce settlement will not make either spouse happy.

Anything said within a divorce mediation session is totally confidential. There is nothing disclosed to other parties. When you go legal then if the case goes to court (which most do) then your entire divorce case appears in public records that anyone can see.

Completely Voluntary

Nobody is ever going to force either spouse into participating in divorce mediation. The process is completely voluntary and both parties are involved in it through their own choice. The couple controls everything from the timing of the mediation sessions to their regularity.

What about the Cost?

It is likely to be a fraction of what hiring divorce attorneys will cost. You need two divorce attorneys and only one divorce mediator for a start. A divorce mediation case that has taken around three months to settle would typically cost between $3,000 to $5,000. Hiring divorce attorneys will cost 3-5 times that at least.

What about the time it takes?

With a good divorce mediator you will be looking at a few weeks to settle your divorce. With divorce attorneys you will be looking at months and maybe even years if it has to go to court. The time for divorce mediation depends upon the willingness of the two parties to make agreements, the number of mediation sessions and so on.

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