Why You Should Consider Using Couples Mediation Services In West LA

If you are separated from your spouse or significant other or have made the decision to divorce, then you should consider the use of a couples mediation service rather than go legal with everything and involve lawyers.

There are many benefits to using a couple’s mediation service and we will examine the most important reasons here. We want you to be able to move forward in an amicable way rather than go through a litigation dog fight. This is particularly important if there are children involved and you must focus on what is best for them.

Family Relationships are more likely to be Preserved

When you use couples mediation you will be encouraged to communicate openly with each other and understand the other person’s point of view. This will help to reduce conflict and preserve the important family relationships that exist.

It is very difficult to agree a way forward in a conflict situation. If you involve two lawyers then they will want to fight for each person and achieve the best possible outcome for them. But families still need to communicate afterwards so an amicable separation or divorce will make this a whole lot easier.

You Decide what is best for your Family

With couples mediation both parties will discuss all of the issues and decide between them the best way forward. When there are children involved this is very important. The mediator will insist that you put the children first as a matter of course and there will be calm discussions about all of the other issues.

Contrast this to litigation where both parties are out for themselves. The communication between the people involved is minimal and there have been a number of cases where the final outcome of a legal battle has resulted in neither party being satisfied.

There are no Judgments and everything is Confidential

When you attend couples mediation there will be no judgment passed by the mediator. They are there as an impartial facilitator who wants to achieved the best outcome for all concerned. Your mediator will encourage both parties to speak openly and honestly and will assist in arriving at the best outcomes.

Anything that is said during a couple’s mediation session is totally confidential. There will never be any sharing of records of the sessions, and the court cannot demand any mediation session information if things get that far. If you go for litigation then there will be court records which anyone can access.

Couples Mediation usually costs less

It is usually a lot less expensive to go for couple’s mediation than it is to get lawyers involved. Lawyers are going to cost you thousands of dollars and you can never tell if things are being deliberately dragged out to bump up the cost.

With couples mediation the process is generally a lot quicker too and you will only pay for the sessions you have had and the mediator’s time getting all of the necessary paperwork together. You only need one mediator but you will need two attorneys. Save your money and spend it on the future of your children instead by using a mediator.

No Conflict Resolutions are better for your Children

If you go for a legal battle then things can get really nasty. High levels of conflict can result and it will take much longer to reach an outcome. Your children will notice this conflict and research has proven that this can really have a negative impact on your kids whatever ages they are.

We can offer you the very best couples mediation service. Our highly trained mediators are highly trained and experienced. Contact us here now to discuss your situation in confidence and set up a couple’s mediation session.

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