Cheap Divorce Lawyers west la

Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Hiring lawyers for anything is an expensive business. There is a school of thought that cheap divorce lawyers do not exist – it is possible but pretty unlikely. A divorce is painful for both of the parties involved and emotions will be at an all time high. A massive legal bill at the end of your divorce is the last thing that you want to receive.

How to make your Divorce Legal bill lower

Refrain from always contesting everything

One of the main reasons that a bill from a divorce lawyer will be high is that a couple will contest just about everything. Before you start working with divorce lawyers it is best to create a list of the issues that are really important for you and your children.

Ask yourself specific questions such as “what do you want your financial position to be?” and “do you want custody of your kids?” There are other big issues to decide upon as well such as whether you want to stay in the current family home and what you want your financial situation to be.

When it comes to money it is always best to take a long term view. You need to think through how much money you will need to take care of your kids in the years to come. Work everything out and add 20%. When you have an end figure in mind it makes everything easier.

Find all relevant documentation

Another way you can reduced the cost is to have all of your documentation available. If your divorce lawyer has to go looking for documents then this will certainly increase the bill. It is better that you find everything yourself and save money.

Prepare to negotiate

When you are presented with a claim from your spouse’s lawyer then always be prepared for some negotiation. If you have the attitude that you want to contest everything and fight with your spouse then you will receive a large legal bill.

People will argue about the most ridiculous things in a divorce. There is usually a second hand car that one of the parties owns. If you contest this then the legal fees will often be higher than the value of the car.

Stick to the point

You can save money by being a lot more effective in your communications. When you talk to your divorce lawyer avoid small talk that is not relevant. Your lawyer will charge you for meetings and phone calls so keep everything on track. Try and resolve your problems yourself. Go online to find answers. If you keep asking your lawyer then they will charge you.

As you progress through your divorce things will come into your mind and it will be tempting to pick up the telephone and ask your lawyer about it. Don’t do that. Write the problem down and think about how important it really is. Try to answer the question yourself.

If you have a meeting scheduled with your divorce lawyer then save all of your questions for this one session. Have a list of questions prepared that you can ask all at once. A cheaper option is to contact the paralegal at your divorce lawyer’s office to see if they can answer the question for you.

Inquire about support staff

Ask your divorce lawyer about the support people that they have. If they have support staff then find out what questions you can ask them. The charges for support staff time will be considerably less than your lawyer’s time.

Always tell the truth

It is in your interest to tell your divorce lawyer the truth. Lying will always turn out to be expensive for you. If your spouse lies to their legal team then this is out of your control. Be sure that you always tell the truth to your legal team.

Divorce Mediation is better than a Cheap Divorce Lawyer

A very good alternative to trying to find cheap divorce lawyers is to use a divorce mediator. A divorce mediator will work with both spouses so you will save money immediately. When you hire a divorce mediator the process is normally a lot faster and this reduces the cost significantly.

Although a divorce mediator is not a lawyer they have the skills and experience to help you to reach an amicable divorce settlement. They have good negotiation skills and will encourage both parties to discuss everything and agree all of the issues.

Divorce mediation services are effective and will always cost you less than so called cheap divorce lawyers. The end result will be the same, and you will settle your divorce. Consider divorce mediators before you hire cheap divorce lawyers.

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