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Lawyer-Or-Divorce-Mediation-West La Beverly HillsIt doesn’t matter where you live or what your circumstances are, obtaining a divorce is a very difficult process. The initial decision to get divorced is difficult enough, then you have the challenge of divorce settlement which means choosing between using a divorce mediation process or employing divorce lawyers to assist you.

It is very important that you fully understand what the best divorce lawyers and divorce mediators will offer you and how they differ. We will explain these differences here so that you have all of the important information you need to make the right decision.

The Best Divorce Lawyers do what exactly?

The first thing to know about divorce lawyers is that you will require one each. The best divorce lawyers will want to achieve the best possible outcome for their client. This sounds good, but many times the outcome is not satisfactory to the children that are part of the divorce.

Depending upon the state that you live in, there will be a number of different steps that have to take before a divorce finalizing the divorce. The best divorce lawyers will gather the necessary information and identify all of the divorce issues. It is then their responsibility to find a resolution to these issues. This means that the two divorce lawyers will have to negotiate.

If the Best Divorce Lawyers cannot agree what happens?

Most experienced and competent divorce lawyers will do everything in their power to agree the issues of a divorce but this is not always possible. If the best divorce lawyers cannot agree then your divorce case will end up in the courts.

You will have to wait some time for the family court to provide you with a hearing date. Once the court provides the hearing date your divorce lawyer will work with you so that the very best case is prepared. All documentation that the court requires are gathered by your divorce lawyer and they will go to court and argue your case.

If your divorce lawyer deems it necessary they can call witnesses and even third party experts to fight your case. If you have kids then it is possible that your lawyer will want them to take the stand. The judge has the final decision over the case and will decide on asset division, debt division, child custody, child support and alimony payments.

What does a Divorce Mediator do?

The role of divorce mediators is very different to that of the best divorce lawyers. A divorce mediator will not take sides and is independent and neutral. The aim of a divorce mediator is to facilitate discussion between the divorcing couple so that a divorce settlement can be achieved.

Divorcing couples often end up in conflict and a good divorce mediator will use their experience to diffuse this and get everything back on track. The mediator will first assist the couple to identify the issues of their divorce. They will then encourage discussion about all of these issues with the aim of reaching a mutually agreeable settlement.

Divorce mediators have experience in financial matters and this is a great asset when it comes to resolving disputes over property and other items. The last thing that a divorce mediator wants is an unsettled divorce that has to go to the courts, so they will work hard and use all of their knowledge and experience to achieve a successful outcome.

A divorce mediator provides arbitration services to the divorcing couple. They will participate a great deal in discussions and negotiations and will perform the role of a judge when this is necessary.

So Divorce Mediators are Lawyers?

No they do not have to be a lawyer. Some are lawyers and some are not. There is no regulation around divorce mediation but specific skills are required. You will find that divorce mediators have different backgrounds which can include legal profession but can be from the finance industry and even mental health.

Divorce mediators are required to undertake professional training before they can practice. This training is tough and mediators have to be good to pass it. They have to have a very thorough knowledge of divorce issues as well as the financial implications involved.

Best Divorce Lawyers and Divorce Mediators major differences

If you want to go for the best divorce lawyers then you will need two of them as opposed to one divorce mediator. This means that the cost is significantly higher. The best interest of their client is the driving force for lawyers which means that the final divorce settlement may not turn out to be the best for both spouses and the children.

A divorce mediator is neutral and will not take either client’s side. They facilitate discussion around the divorce issues so that the divorcing couple can make the best decisions about their divorce. A divorce mediator empowers a divorcing couple whereas divorce lawyers provide instructions to them.

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