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We are ready to assist you with our professional divorce mediation services now. We are West LA’s premier family law mediation firm. We are the premier family law firm in West LA and we always provide the very best service to our clients. Use our experienced divorce mediators to finalize your divorce so that you can move forward with your life.


One of West LA’s Premier Divorce Mediation Firms

We understand that it is very difficult for you to decide on a divorce or separation. We know that this will be disruptive for you and very stressful.

After you have made this important decision you may feel overcome with emotion and overwhelmed by the amount of time and the cost of a divorce resolution using traditional venues. We can offer you a superior alternative that will cost significantly less than conventional divorce and separation processes.


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Our Mediation services are affordable at

only $375 per hour

for the time and services you use


If you were to hire two attorneys then you will pay an hourly rate that is likely to be as much as $500 per hour. And you will have two attorneys to pay this rate for.


Mediation offers immediate savings that are obvious. When you use our mediation service you are very likely to use significantly less hours to resolve your issues. The mediator is there to help you reach an agreement in the fastest possible time.


Attorneys are fighting for you and your spouse as individuals so they are looking for how one party can win over the other. Our mediators will identify and maximize your assets and then ensure fair division.


When you hire our senior mediators they are able to take you from the start of your divorce or separation and guide you all the way to a final settlement.


We can assist with the creation of parenting schedules, schedules for vacations and holidays and also assist you to resolve any other divorce issues. When you trust the services of Irvine Divorce Options your divorce will no longer be a battle.



We are firm believers that couples can work together in dispute resolution when they receive the proper guidance and the opportunity to do so. Disputes settled in this way usually means that the whole family will benefit.


Our commitment to the mediation process is total. We strongly believe that it assists families fulfill their individual and joint responsibilities in ways that are new and productive.


Don’t let someone else control your future. Take charge today by making the right decisions that have an impact on your family and yourself. You can schedule a free consultation with us today to discuss whether mediation is the best approach for you.


The premier Family Law firm in the area is Irvine Divorce Options. We serve our professional clientele with the very best services available. Trust fund families, international clients and business executives are our specialty.


We are very discreet and are experts in complex and high asset divorces. You can use our services anywhere thanks to our convenient high tech platforms so that you do not compromise your demanding schedule.

Our mediators are highly trained and provide a range of comprehensive services. They work efficiently with both parties and create comprehensive parenting plan and financial agreements. They will also complete the necessary paperwork for the courts and file this on your behalf.


About Us

Our professional clientele are looking for an intelligent choice and we are it. We are in a class above other mediators that you will find. We will ensure that you receive solutions that are cost effective, cooperative and results orientated when it comes to interpersonal conflicts.

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Our Staff

Our mediators determine conflict dynamics quickly and then provide a range of responses that are effective as well as workable action points. We are abreast of all of the latest research on mediation, collaboration, negotiation and cooperation in the management and resolution of non-adversarial conflicts.


Divorce Mediation  Services

When it comes to the resolution and management of non-adversarial conflict we utilize the latest approaches in cooperation, effective negotiation, collaboration and mediation. You will be able to make positive and productive decisions from our comprehensive approach.


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